Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Christophe & Co Pininfarina Create An Ultra-Luxury Smart Bracelet Armill

Finally smart watches and wearables are getting the luxury treatment. While technology on wearables improved considerably, design improvements have taken a while to take off. Recently Samsung and Apple have taken steps to set them on the correct path. However, new British brand Christophe & Co has taken things further, they have hired Italian design house Pininfarina to create an ultra-luxury smart bracelet named Armill.

There will be three Armill models at the launch – entry level Virtus, mid-range Orion and the top of the line Apollo. Pininfarina as you know is famous for designing Ferraris, their Armill design shows glimpses of influence from the automotive world. Most of the wearables on the market today resembles round bracelets that swings from the wrist. Armill on the other hand feature a more square design with a tight fit with some padding built into the inside, making it more comfortable to the wearer.

Armill’s inner frame will be crafted from British-made carbon fiber with decorative materials such as 18 karat gold, high-tech ceramics, Alacantara leather and precious stones draping the top. Christophe & Co plans to offer various customizations to make it exclusively yours, some of them include hand engraving. If you are Chinese they are happy to engrave dragons or Zodiac signs and if you are Russian St. George slaying a dragon will be the way to go.
The origin of the name “Armill” has a regal background. It is an ancient bracelet type worn by royalty and nobility to display their status. Christophe & Co wishes to give modern day royals, nobility and specially billionaires and millionaires another way to showcase their wealth and status in addition to super cars, fine watches and luxury mansions they own.
Batteries with small rotors powers the Armill. With the help of the rotors, batteries get charged the same way like automatic watches that is via the motion of wearer’s wrist. This way more you wear the device, the more it gets charged, and may not ever need to charge again. Christophe & Co estimates it can accumulate a power reserve enough to last a year.

Christophe & Co assures prospective customers technology on their high-end wearable will not go obsolete with time and they intend to update software on a regular basis. It seems Bluetooth or NFC will take care of the communications between an Armill and its related phone app. The device will be offered with various perks such as exclusive clubs and a 24/7 concierge service, just like what Vertu offers with their ultra-luxury phones.
They are now taking pre-orders at (prior to placing the order will you need to get a key to enter the site proper). The Armill will be offered as a limited edition of 425 devices during its first run. Prices are Virtus $75,000 (300 units), Orion $93,000 (100) and high-end Apollo $149,000 

Ralph Lauren’s Soft Ricky Bag Gold Version

We have seen Ralph Lauren’s Soft Ricky bag in many an avatars. American fashion house made a luxe version of it in Alligator leather, a tech-savvy one with a light and even a small cross body type in a rainbow of colors. To brighten these cold winter days with some bling they just added a new version to the range – Gold Soft Ricky Bag. As with others, this too is handcrafted in Italy by experienced artisans.

Crafted from layers of hand-stitched Specchio leather, it also features contrasting Navy lining in bonded-calfskin. The Gold Ricky is every bit a Ricky Bag from its custom logo-embossed leather-covered signature lock to eight hours that takes to hand assemble it.
The Gold Ricky measures 10″ H x 12″ L x 7″ D that is plenty room to carry everything you need from a small laptop to a vanity pouch. It can be carried from the two leather top handles or wear it crossbody with the removable leather strap with a gold-toned roller buckle. There is also an interior snap pocket at the back wall to stash things like phones, pens etc. To strengthen it, base and sides come reinforced.

A versatile bag, this is perfect to carry around in style for work, shopping or travel. The Gold Soft Ricky is delivered in Ralph Lauren’s signature protective felt pouch with a card of authenticity. Priced at $2,950 it is available online at and in select stores of the brand.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Casa Aroma Genie Aromatherapy Diffuser By Toast Living

We can name at least five benefits of aromatherapy off the top of our heads – reduces stress, alleviates depression, manages pain, improves blood pressure, and promotes a good night’s sleep. Now, don’t tell us that you have never suffered from any of these?! If you have, and if you just cannot find the time or the money to visit an aromatherapy specialist, get yourself one of these nifty little diffusers. You won’t regret it. We are talking about Casa Aroma’s Genie Aromatherapy Diffuser produced by Toast Living, a young designer homeware company from Taiwan which mission is “to create items that enhance your everyday life, filling out the big sandwich that is life.”

If you have never used aromatherapy diffusers in your home, allow us to quickly explain how they work. Or at least how Casa Aroma’s Genie Diffuser works…. This little gadget emits 2.5 million ultrasonic vibrations per second while releasing the wonderful scent of refreshing essential oils into the air. Using Casa Aroma Genie Diffuser is almost effortless. Just add water and a few drops of your favorite essential oil, and just relax and enjoy.
Casa Aroma’s Genie Diffuser really is a state-of-the-art nebulizer. We’ve mentioned 2.5 million ultrasonic vibrations per second earlier, but did you know that this is the highest ultrasonic vibration frequency currently available on the market? While vibrating at such a high frequency, this diffuser ionizes the molecules of essential oils into the air via heat-free diffusion method. At the same time, it boosts the oil’s biological benefits, improves the atmosphere in your home or office and purifies the air you breathe.

The device is absolutely safe and poses no hazard to your health whatsoever. It automatically turns off when it runs out of water or when the time is up. It makes no noise at all, it is discreet and stylish, it is a vast improvement from your ordinary candle diffuser and it can go on for up to seven hours.

Get it from Amazon here: Toast Living - Casa Aroma Genie

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Elixir Mini Bar By Leonhard Pfeifer

If you just can’t seem to find the right spot to store your precious liquor without risking to make a way too pretentious first impression on your houseguests or co-workers but still can’t afford a full-scale wine cellar just now, we may have just the right thing for you: with CB2 Elixir Mini Bar, your favorite drinks will stay safe, concealed and yet close at hand for those precious moments when all you need is a glass of fine spirits to brighten up your evening after a hard day’s work.

Another brilliant piece of furniture designed by Leonhard Pfeifer in collaboration with Crate & Barrel, Elixir Mini Bar offers a sophisticated liquor storage solution that will impeccably blend in any interior d├ęcor of your home or office. Measuring 24 x 12 x 24 (W x D x H), this stylish liquor cabinet features a solid frame handcrafted from fine acacia wood and its sides and shelves are built from acacia veneer over engineered wood.

Thanks to the unit’s smart transforming design, the sides of Elixir Mini Bar conveniently fold down to let you access your beloved spirits without getting up from the sofa or couch. Large enough to hold several bottles of liquor, drink-mixing tools and a host of cups, this two-in-one storage cabinet is primarily built to serve as a mini bar but it can also double as an end table, ledge for mining drinks or even a nightstand, which is mighty convenient if your office or living room is not all that spacious.

Simple and hassle-free maintenance-wise, Elixir Mini Bar requires just a damp cloth for the regular cleaning procedure (make sure you use no glass cleaners or abrasives because these may easily damage the acacia surface). So, if you are a true lover of all furniture multipurpose or just need an unassuming yet handsome piece of furniture to accommodate your drinking gear, try Elixir Mini Bar for size – more likely than not, it will perfectly fit your liquor storage needs.

Milwaukee Inkzall Stylus Marker

Ever tried to handle your iPad or similar touch-capacitive screen with gloves on? If you have, then you know how tough a task that can be – and if you haven’t, take our piece of advice: don’t go there. Well, with the Milwaukee Inkzall Stylus Marker, you no longer have to fumble around with your phone screen or remove your gloves every time you need to access the menu, actually – with this little pointer tool, navigating your touch screen device becomes a piece of cake, no sweat, fuss or hassle involved.

Especially designed for handling iPad, smartphones and other touch-screen devices when wearing gloves, the Milwaukee Inkzall Stylus Marker features a soft conductive stylus tip and a clog-resistant permanent ink marker with super-quick dry-time for minimal smears and blotting. With its fine-point marker juiced by black non-toxic ink, Milwaukee Inkzall Marker lets you write on dusty, wet and oily surfaces, and it’s also built for scribbling on rough areas, so you no longer have to worry about marking down that concrete slab, OSB or cinderblock.

Other specs include an anti-roll body design, a hard hat storage clip for ultra-easy on-site access and a convenient lanyard hole, which means that your new stylus marker will go everywhere you go and be ready to serve you whenever you need it.

Having a full-time job is stressful and tiresome enough; make work easier for yourself and rely on the Milwaukee Inkzall Stylus Marker to handle all your writing tasks for you.

Get it from Amazon here: Milwaukee

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