Saturday, February 19, 2011

The B25 Easy Chair by Cate & Nelson

The B25 Easy Chair is a created by the designers Cate Hogdahl and Nelson Ruiz for Blå Station. The main idea in creation of this chair is that is made as a part of furniture family. The family contains an easy chair, an ottoman and a table. Cate & Nelson do this as they want to create not only furniture but a family, so you can combine then and use them all together for a finish look of the entire room. The B25 chair is made from a frame of layer-glued compression-module birch veneer with a surface of ash veneer.  The seat is upholstered in polyether foam and down. No-sag springs are used in this chair. The laminated wood backrest can be covered in two ways on is with leather and the other is with felt. Seat and back cushions are with polyether foam and down, with fabric or leather covers.

Construction of easy chair

The back is closed to assume its intended shape after it has been installed in place in the ring, in the same manner as in the back of the chair Hövding, for example.
The size of the chair by Cate & Nelson is as follows:

  •           Seat height 400 mm
  •           Overall height 980 mm
  •           Seat width 740 mm  
  •           Total width 930 mm
  •           Seat depth 600 mm
  •           Total depth 870 mm
  •           Pedestal Ø 780 mm

The B25 is perfect chair for a lot of places that can be residential or official.  We could used in lounges, living room, libraries hotels, and coffees for example.

The history of that chair is connected with the Blå Station. As the Blå Station becomes at 25 years old Cate & Nelson were commissioned to design a product to commemorate the occasion – B25.
More info could be found at : Bla station


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