Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bench seating "Spill" from Matthias Pliessnig

Today we will present you a new project from the furniture designer Matthias Pliessnig.
His style is "kinetically contemporary" and he uses "computer-aided curves with laborious craftsmanship" to handcraft chairs and benches critics say.

The designer is situated in Philadelphia, and recently reviled his project named “Spill”. The project is presented (and not only presented but will be used in daily life form the people) in the lobby of the Alexandria Center (between the entrance of the building and the entrance of the Riverpark restaurant).

The Alexandria Center is a new science center on the New York City east side. This chair demonstrates an excellent style and has all necessary things to organize such place with the maximum comfort.
The “Spill” project itself is consisting of two pair of benches, as each one is made from steam bent white oak and each pair measure 27’x8’. The pieces have an area for seating with upright support and wide expanse area for bench seating. The structures of the bench were inspired by the human form, geometric flow, furniture functionality, and the interior space itself.
You can find more information about Matthias Pliessnig and his projects at: Matthias Studio


Modern Seating said...

OMG! What a design. This design is really unique. Ohhhh! To tell you frankly I've never seen this one before. Thanks for sharing this one!

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