Thursday, February 10, 2011

Coffee Table - RKNL20

This coffee table is presented by Netherland design studio RKNL
The Coffee table RKNL20 is designed for two general parts (discs). Each disc has various thicknesses. The design is completed with the round corners of the coffee table.

The Coffee table RKNL20 could be found in three different sizes:
 - 120 cm x 70 cm x 30 cm
 - 150 cm x 90 cm x 30 cm
 - 90 cm x 90 cm x 30 cm

RKNL20 the coffee table is made of high quality MDF, here are the rounded corners bent beech wood used. These materials make the table to feel and look solid.
RKNL20 coffee table is painted with a special two component coating. This coating is hard and scratch resistant. The coating comes in three general colors. White, Red, Gray. However there is an option for customization. You can choose any custom color you wish and they will deliver it. You can also equip RKNL20 coffee table with ball bearing casters.

The coffee table was designed to be practical. There is a space between the two discs of the table, with the size slightly deeper than an A4 sheet size. You can fit in there perfectly any general living room stuff: Remote controls, Journals, Magazines, Wallets, etc.

Price start from 1430 euro for the smallest table (L 90 x B 90 x H 30 cm).
As if you wish any customization as different color or ball bearing casters the price increases.


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