Sunday, February 6, 2011

Conservatory Tree House

The high-tech realization of arch. Borislav Ignatov, known as the "tree house" or "house with winter garden", which has already been awarded the prize for innovation of the Union of Architects in Bulgaria (UAB) for 2011 is now among the nominees for the House of the Year 2010 of the most popular e-world publication for architecture WAN - World architecture news.

The "House Tree" is located in the outskirts of Varna (Bulgaria). The house is a modern sustainable eco concept that with an appreciation of the terrain, using reimbursable energy sources and minimizing carbon footprint.

Professional community is impressed by the model of the tree house which follows - the roots are 100-meter geothermal probes to ensure efficient and clean heating in accommodation spaces and conservatory, which in turn formed the crown of the house.

Additionally in the park of the House Tree reserved all existing trees and landscaping has been done with natural sustainable plant species specific to the locality. Since they are not used cultivated or imported plants, local microclimate is also preserved.

Location: Rural
Site: Steep, eastward sloping, former sand quarry.
Vistas: Forest to the East and South (main), distant lake views to the North (secondary), West blocked by slope.
Purpose: Single family house.
Functional scheme: Three levels with central stair and accessible elevator. Dining, kitchen, three bedrooms, three bathrooms, support spaces on lower level; living, library, office, master bedroom, master bathroom, support spaces on middle level; interior garden, bathroom, support spaces on upper level. 

Tall entrance gate is made for taking potted trees and palms in and out easily. Small electrical vehicle brings larger plants outside for the summer. Gate also allows for occasional handicap car access.

Structure: Cast in place reinforced concrete comprising stem-like central elevator core and facade load-bearing frames without intermediate columns. Diagonals, verticals and horizontals on the South and East facades follow the stress lines derived from the structural analysis of the building mass. Structure becomes major architectural feature, providing efficient load bearing and maximum transparency and flexibility in planning.

Materiality: Experimental nature of the project mandated strict cost management. Locally available inexpensive materials like concrete, stone and pine wood were specified in order to afford other important performance systems like insulated glass envelope, geothermal heat exchanger and radiant floors. All construction work was performed with local labor minimizing cost and pollution from transportation. 

After dusk the wild pear's lively shadow plays on the surface of the northern facade

On 15 February will be announced winners in the competition. "House of the Year" 2011 on the WAN is held in partnership with the World Organization of Architects UIA, in which UAB is a member. This year's nominees are 88 family houses around the world that supported for the sustainable architecture.

More info can be found at: Tree House


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