Monday, February 7, 2011

How to arrange our home to be functional. Part II

The living room is the heart of the home with the largest area in which the whole family gathers together to carry out certain activities. Here are accepted and the guests. In the furniture of this room we can separate these functional centers:

  • Daily residence, including conversations, rest, watching television, listening to music, entertainment, food (only for lack of a dining room) and if there is no separate room for guests to sleep.
  • Professional work outside working hours (writing, drawing) and non-professional interests (hobbies).
  • The location of the furniture in the area centers is dictated by the "navigation lines" and the free floor area. Seating area is an important focus of the living room and is placed in her best part near to natural lighting.
  • The place for professional work and outside professional interests, engage a smaller area from the group for rest and conversations. It is situated in the depths of the living room, so that the worker can see the entire space of the living room. The desktop of worktable is used mainly with artificial lighting.

In smaller homes, eating area with the necessary seats is located in the living room. The dining room is the room at which the family is eating. The most appropriate way is to locate the dining room between the kitchen and living room. If it is located in the living room, this area has a separate niche, which may be separated by a decorative wall.

Bedroom with area for make-up

Bedrooms are the main rooms in the home, which provide space to sleep and rest. Separation of sleeping in separate rooms provides the necessary serenity for rest and sleep. If the bedroom is with enough space there can be separated and a place for makeup, which includes a stool.
In the furnishing of children's rooms for one or two occupants we can separate the room into the following functional micro areas: 
  • For games, learning and entertainment
  • For rest and sleep

Example of well arranged living room

Here the seats have flexible parameters and can be transformed as appropriate. Cots are included in areas for rest and sleep, but may participate in the corner for seating.
In the kitchen is prepared the food for the family, and in some cases can be used for eating. The process of preparing food is a complex and various requirements concerning the organization of the room and its fitting. It passes through several consecutive working stages, delivery and storage of products, cold and hot processing, serving, washing and storage. These working phases are mixed and partially are expressed in almost constant motion of the housewife between kitchen furniture and equipment. If in the functional center for cooking is no room for a dining table, furniture is kept to a countertop with chairs for breakfast. The main functional centers in each residence are an integral and strong relationship.

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