Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse

This is a mouse that gets our attention not only by its design but also its function.
The mouse is produced for use with mobile devices as laptops and notebooks.
Very interesting in the design of the mouse is that the half of the mouse is flexible. The mouse can be flatten or curved. Great idea of the designers is that there are no on or off buttons. This function is replaced by the mouse itself. If you want to turn the mouse on just curve it and it auto start, and when you finish your work or want to put the mouse in the notebook bag for example just flatten the mouse and you are done. The main idea behind the flexible design is that when the Arc Touch is flattened you can keep it in very small and tight places (for example the outside pockets of your notebook bag). The mouse is working on 2.4 GHz standard. And have a wireless range of 30 foot.

1. Flexible Design 
2. Power On and Off 
3. Touch to Scroll 
4. BlueTrack Technology™

5. Snap-in Transceiver  

The scroll button in the center is equipped with the CapSense touch system. Sliding a finger over the scroll area provides audible and tactile feedback. The audible feedback is a set of clicks. Flick a finger quickly and the scrolling and feedback continues in the same fashion as a physical wheel would perform. Only the scroll in Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse is using touch technology, the left and the right buttons are conventional switches.

Get Microsoft Silverlight
Some of the general mouse features are:
  •  Touch to Scroll       - Click. Tap. Flick. Control.
  •  Blue Track Technology™ - Works on difficult surfaces rough glossy, or soft.
  •  Snap-in Transceiver   -  Nano Transceiver snaps into the bottom of the mouse.
  •  Comfort for Either Hand - Use your mouse with your left or right hand.
  •  Up to 6 Months of Battery Life

The price is approximately 70$.


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