Saturday, February 5, 2011

Offecct Cloud Portable Room

Cloud is a fast inflatable portable meeting room by the designer Monica Förster. This product is presented by
design studio Offecct. They are situated in Swedish town Stockholm. One of the latest idea of the studio is
that amazing inflatable room. The Cloud is made from white ripstop nylon. Cloud portable room can be used for meetings, resting, concentration or even as a bedroom. What's more is that you can make this room available for use in about three minutes.



The approximate size of the room when inflated are 530cm length, 400cm width and about 230cm in height. The room is inflated with really quiet fan that keep tha Cloud inflated as long as needed. When you don't need the Cloud room anymore you can deflate it and fold it in the accompanying bag for storage. As always there is a downside, this portable room cannot be used outside.

The price is around 6000 euros.

More info can be found at: Cloud Portable Room


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