Sunday, February 13, 2011

Office Building - Hegau Tower by Murphy Jahn

This building is constructed for office with belonging parking spaces. The Hegau Tower designed by Murphy Jahn is located in Singen Germany 20 km west of Lake Constance and immediate proximity to the border of Switzerland. The office building is build from the beginning with the idea of cooperation between architect and client. The building itself is example of modernistic design. The area of the building with belonging parking spaces and gardens is about 17,056 sm.
This building is full of details is very functional and energy efficient, including the activation of thermal mass and integration into the HVAC system, versatile exterior shading on the facade facing southwest, natural ventilation, night cooling, and optimization during the day.

Sustainable initiatives include strategies that overflow and recurrent during the day, air and water. A sunshade, wind resistant exterior operate automatically on the southwest façade allows for the reduction in solar load along with automatic louvers hollow interior in the three other facades. Natural ventilation is provided through the car window motor and operated through a chain owned by a scissor hinge. Flat concrete slab equipped with PVC water pipes for cold and hot thermal mass of exposed structure
Extension of extraordinary volume building facade with a wall screen to produce a sheet of glass continuously eastwards and square combine the two buildings into one. The tower was built as a concrete frame with a stiff core and perimeter columns. The structure and the façade are designed for flexibility in the office lay-out and allow an open plan, cells and combine offices and multiple tenants per floor. Façade module 2.70 m fosters an atmosphere of space generous.

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