Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sparks, Modular Lighting System from Daniel Becker

Sparks modular lighting system tries to freeze a fleeting moment and save it emotionally. The light appearance of a split second is compressed and duplicated volumetrically. The modular lighting system technically is consisted of three different modules made of aluminum tubes. They can be arranged with a simple plug-in system in various configurations to form a three-dimensional structure. The system is easily adaptable to every possible architectural situation by the way that every single module can be rotated by the will of the owner freely in 360°.

System modules

We can arrange and rearrange Created by Daniel Becker, Sparks Modular Lighting System as often as we want. You can build it in different shapes and sizes, and the probability that each time you connect to a different lighting idea. The lighting elements are based on low-energy LED modules which are hidden behind cones made of frosted acrylic glass. This system is energy saving, so no need to worry about electricity bills, and the environment.


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