Friday, February 11, 2011

The Tempdot concept faucet

The Tempdot is concept faucet that if become reality in mass production is something that many people will want in there bathroom or even kitchens. The main idea of the faucet is that instead of the need to twist the knobs, pull levers up / down or right left all you need to do is to touch the Tempdot. If you like this great idea than Tempdot Faucet from Jaeseok Han is just the one for you!
The main idea and controlling of the faucet is from the top of it, there’s dots, dots that both activate the water flow and control the temperature of that water at the same time. By pushing one of the nine temperature dots (buttons) you can choose to flow form cold, warm to hot water. The faucet buttons are lightened and can be seen even in dark. The more interesting is that the faucet is powered also and from the flow of hot water. 

Steps for using the faucet

Here could be a little downside don't use only cold water, u need to use a hot water from time to time to charge the faucet and power the light buttons. The body of the faucet is made with the idea to reduce the amount of metal used.
In conclusion this is really one modern faucet that a lot of people will want in there washrooms. The Tempdot not only look futuristic but also get the idea of green energy be using the hot water flow to power the light buttons.


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