Saturday, February 5, 2011

Volkswagen xl1 concept

The Volkswagen XL1 was presented at 2011 Qatar Motor Show.
 This car can make your dream reality. It combines great design and green technology. Volkswagen says that could be the most economic car in the world. The car is hybrid. It has  hybrid powertrain features a 2-cylinder with 35kW, a 20kW electric motor, lithium-ion battery and packed with a 7-speed dual - clutch transmission also know as DSG.
Thanks to its drag coefficient Cd of 0.186, a  plug-in hybrid system, and with total weight of just 795 kg  the XL1 is capable of reaching a fuel efficiency of 0.9 l/100 km and a CO2 emissions of 24 g/km. Volkswagen's XL1 is a plug-in hybrid, meaning that it's capable of running on battery power alone for awhile, and then if you need the extra range, it's got a seriously tiny two cylinder diesel engine that can extend its range.

                                                   This is a video of the car at the ceremony in Qatar.

If you like the car so far, i have some disappointment news, the car will be produced in limited edition. The first series of this car will be only or even less than 100 cars. The production is expected to begin in 2013 as it will be released first in Europe after that in China and USA.


The rear wheels are fully covered to prevent air turbulence; the air flows here are also optimized by small spoilers in front of and behind the wheels.
Specifically, there is a black cross-stripe (in the area where there is no longer a radiator grille) that combines with the energy-efficient dual LED headlights to form a continuous band.
At the rear, the design takes an entirely new path, reinterpreting the brand’s language.

As a last words we could say that this car design and fuel efficiently are at top level , but as far as we know we can only dream for this car at the moment and wait for the release date in 2013. However this car proves that we can have fuel efficient car that can have great design .


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