Monday, February 21, 2011

The Wall Wint - MDG Architecture prize

The Wall Wint is the building that won the 2011 "MDG architectuurprijs" (MDG Architecture prize). They said it is "An accelerator for the Dutch Architecture and the metal facade construction industry".
The business building itself is 800 meters long and 60 meters wide. A crumple zone in the facade is about 800 m line stretched to a playful game to 1.35 m changed. The design of the building is inspired for the moving car, the fast moving car, and the silhouette that it left behind. They even reviled they were really inspired be the moving cars in animations and the trail the left behind them.

The side of the building is created form 4 mm thick panels. The panels are all digitally produced (file to factory) , they are about 20 000 and cover over 14 000 m2. The red color on the panels has more than 2000 variations. The metal panels make the form like a flowing fluid. The production of these panels was long and professional.  The final conservation, a three-layer PVDF coating the top layer is mixed with metal particles to a metallic look. They examined every one piece of the panels for color retention and weather resistance in France. They were mixed in the USA and made in the UK. The installation of the facade is made by Vebru Netherlands from Schiedam. And the final construction of the business building The Wall Wint was responsibility of Oskomera Group in Deurne.
The people behind this building that won the 2011 "MDG architectuurprijs" are the architect Fons Verheijen (VVKH), The metal manufacturer Van Wijnen and VPT, and not last ( sometimes the most important for projects this scale to become reality) the investor Lips Capital Group. The architecture of the MDGs, supplier’s association metal roofing and facade materials, aims to promote the quality, both technically and aesthetically, in the realization of buildings with roof and / or mainly of metal facade elements.
The other projects in the competition were:

                         Tagrijn de Vorstin Architekten Cie                               Achmeagebouw VVKH

More info could be found at:


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