Tuesday, March 15, 2011

All in one bed by Castor & Chouca

We are always approving the modern looking design furniture, but what will always impress us is the combination of this modern design with functionality. The baby bed 'All in one' (also known as The Soleil 1, 2, 3 bed) by Castor & Chouca is example of this combination. The idea of this design came from the demand of always buying new furniture that will fit your fast growing baby. The bed 'All in one' by Castor & Chouca will be always with your baby growing to a little kid. It can transform so it meets your requirements.

As the designers says “This is an evolution baby bed”. The phases of transformation start as a baby bassinet, then into child's bed and the last stage is as child's desk. The good thing for this long to be used design furniture is that the materials used for creating it are quality, recyclable and eco friendly. The mattress cover can be removed to be washed. The base of the 'The Soleil 1, 2, 3' bed is made from 20 mm bamboo slats. The bed is supplemented with adjustable support mattress (which is used for transformation to child's desk). Another great idea of Castor & Chouca is adding little modernistic visors on the front side of the bed. They are great for parent who wants to keep their kid always in sight. One of their openings can be removed and used as an entering point for grow up kids. The security for your kid is provided by four wheels locking automatically.

The bed can be purchased for 1,290 euro’s, and the supporting mattress can be added for an extra of 200 euro’s. The dimensions of the 'All in one' bed are 70x140 cm; the cradle is 40x80 cm. The total weight of the bed is around 80 kilograms.

More information can be found at: Castor-Chouca.com


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