Saturday, March 26, 2011

Electrolux Green Air Contditioner

The Electrolux Green Air Conditioner is piece of modern looking home appliance that combines new hi-techs with eco friendly technologies. The project for Green AC is student project with association and help of Electrolux. The idea of the student project was to build a stylish modern looking air conditioner that is also eco-friendly. What comes as a result is that slick looking and shiny AC. 

Sketches of the AC desing

The front cover is smooth black colored. This with the combination of other textures, reflecting materials and mixture of colors on the other parts make this Electrolux Green Ac perfect for a modern looking interior of any house. The mixture of used materials and forms make the look of the AC eco-friendly. The impression of clean and refreshing air is added by the transparent louvers that are made from frosted plastic. The designer added also and some green color on the louvers to make the look even more environmental friendly. To make the Green AC a little bit different from the ordinary air conditioners the designer added LED lights placed behind the front cover. This addition adds soft background light illumination in the room. This helps the customer to make the using of this AC to become more than for cooling or warming. IF released this green AC will be great addition for each modern home, making the interior looking very smooth and eco friendly.


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