Tuesday, March 22, 2011

General characteri​stic of the interior

The house is not only beautifully shaped facade and interior space bounded by four walls, but multi-functioning organism with its own life, characteristic of each individual family and bearing signs of each of the occupants. In the interior there participate architectural space and the elements of furnishing of the area. With the right approach in the interior decision, by correct selection of items of furniture and finding compositional, functional and artistic unity to achieve significant results that meet the requirements and understanding of modern treatment of living space. The main piece of furniture for the interior is the furniture, but they do not cover the entire furnishing of the home, they decide only its functional side. Apart from convenience that the furniture provides, any person needs also a beauty and pleasant atmosphere. In creating the individual character of the house, an important role plays building the color of the interior in line with the facing of the building and the theory of colors. Relevant here are and the choice of fabrics, flooring, art and decorative elements, lighting and lamps, flowers and other items at home.

 Solving each interior composition is particularly depending on the factors that affect its appearance and character. The age of occupants, number of members in the family and its changes, sex differences of the children, special interests and inclinations, different professions and many other factors influence the selection of modern home furnishings. Everyone has their perceptions and shape their home in their own way, thus it becomes a reflection of his personality. Furniture in the house is based on the principles of appropriateness and proper organization of life processes. With furnishing the interior, the goal is to establish proper and harmonious relationship between the individual elements of the composition and individual rooms. The simplest form of the premises is parallelepiped it is more suitable to the normal requirements and traditional structures. Rectangular shape of the premises allows the most easily furnishing. In the systematization of internal spaces and the construction of the volume of the interior space structure a number of factors play a role, such as:  use of the building and individual rooms, materials, construction, artistic requirements and others.

In each building various facilities can be divided into three main groups:

  • Major facilities they are carrying out basic functions of the building. Accommodation spaces in a residential building.
  • Support facilities. Have a minor role in the body of the building. These are the kitchen and bathrooms.
  • Communication facilities. They serve as a connection between the main and support facilities. Corridors, stairways, passages.
  • All three areas play a crucial role in architectural composition of the interior. Successful or wrong decision on their connections and relationships determines the nature of the composition. Communication links are of great importance for the proper organization of the rooms.  
  • Corridors and staircases etc., the layout of corridors must be clearly and neatly. Corridors themselves have to be directly lit and ventilated. Their length must meet the fire safety and hygiene requirements.

In all historical epochs furnishing is necessity, organically connected with life at home.


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