Thursday, March 10, 2011

GIRO ONE mobile library by Designjoo

This is a design of a furniture that get our attention with the two main concept integrated by the designer, the functionality and the eco friendly "green" materials used for production. This is the multifunctional furniture GIRO ONE. The design is from Designjoo a design duo consisting of Younsoo and Juil. They both studied design at Milano Italy. Let’s see the two main ideas. The "Green" one is presented form the materials that are used in GIRO ONE. The main material is wood. They selected only recyclable materials, ABS, nontoxic, high impact resistance also an abrasion resistance. At the top of the moving library are situated Led lights, with height energy-saving effect and environment friendly.

The other aspect of the design is the multifunctionality of the GIRO ONE furniture. IT uses the mood volt to move up or down and to rotate too. With this the user can personalize it according to his preferences, change the height of it, and change the angle of the boxes. This way it can be used in various rooms and as various furniture, for example as lighting, as a bookcase, or even if you lower it as a side table.

The designer website is: Designjoo


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