Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Glass Kettle by David Knott

This is glass kettle that got our attention with its super slick and modern design. This kettle is very different from what you call a kettle. The designer of this piece of art is David Knott. He made the Glass Kettle for Sunbeam. David Knott is designer from Australia that graduated in University of Canberra in Industrial Design. In 2002 David Knott established his own design studio "David Knott Studio". But enough for the designer and let’s look at the Glass Kettle. The idea was to create a modern looking easy to use kettle that has the ability to check what’s boiling without the need to open the kettle itself. The inspiration comes from the look of the premium water carafes.

The Glass Kettle is cordless making it perfect for any place at the kitchen. The kettle is designed with removable lid. The lid has two general purposes: it has a mesh filter keeping the water clean, and a big opening for easy filling. The body of the Glass Kettle is made form German DURAN Glass that is heat resistant. The vessel can contain up to 1.3 liter water. The handle is made form polished chrome designed for easy holding of the kettle. The boiling of the water is responsibility to the fast boil 2400 watt element that is situated at the bottom of the Glass Kettle. Another interesting idea in the design of the kettle is that is control trough a sensor touch button that is illuminating when the kettle is on and heating the water.

The design of the kettle is not perfect only in visual aspect but also and in safety of the user. The Kettle will automatically switch off after the water boil, and more there is boil-dry protection leading again to automatically stopping the heating. The price is around 140$. The Glass Kettle from David Knott really is something remarkable as design and functionality. If you want something really good looking in your kitchen the Glass Kettle is must have.


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