Friday, March 11, 2011

Konstantin Grcic Chair One

The original and eye-catching design of the Chair One is made by the German designer Konstantin Gricic for the manufacturer ‘Magis’ from Italy. Konstantin Grcic was born in Munich, Germany in 1965. But don’t be fooled by the industrial style look of this chair, it look modernistic, raw and somehow cold, but the designer done his job perfectly. The Chair One is really comfortable and relaxing chair.

 The material used for creation of Chair One is die-cast aluminium. The surface of the chair is then treated with fluoridated titanium and polyester lacquer. Polished anodized aluminium is used for the legs. These materials used for design of Chair One make it suitable for indoor and outdoor use. You won’t be surprised that the chair is fireproof. The chair can be ordered in four different colors: red, white, anthracite, all black. From some shops there are options even for matching seat cushion. There is a version with a fixes cement base, and also swivel version.

The price of the Chair One is approximately around 250 euro. As the polished version price is growing to 650 euro’s. The dimensions are 21.7"w x 32.3"h x 23.2"d. seat height 17.7.


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