Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lounge Chair by Kieran Ball

Have you ever looked at your old wine barrels in the basement and thought that they could become a really nice and modern lounge chair? I guess not. But what is interesting is that the Australian designer Kieran Ball did. He created this lounge chair from old used wine barrels. And not only his ideal was great but the result was even better. The finished product of this modern designed lounge chair is so slick you'll never guess what material was really used for creating it. The Lounge chair is build from more than ninety-five percent of old oak wine barbells.

Kieran Ball put the wooden staves form the barrels into a metallic frame which is curved to be perfectly matching your back. To complete the experience when you use the lounge chair they left a little of the scent of that old wine, that once was filling this old barrels.

 The idea of creating lounge chair in this forms and especially form this materials came to Kieran Ball from his visit to tequila distillery in Mexico. So if you like wine, and like the good relaxation, get this lounge chair, grab a glass of delicious wine, play some chill-out music sit, relax and enjoy living.


Modern Seating said...

I really like simple designs just like this one. Thanks for sharing this one.

ModernDesign said...

Yes, this is one of my favorites too. I really like the idea of using old wine barrels.

Le Corbusier Chaise said...

Very nice and impressive chair. Thanks for sharing

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