Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Moebius House in Sydney Australia

This is a design of a house that develops the idea of The Moebius House. The design is form Australian architects Tony Owen Partners. They created a really good house following the idea of the moebius spline. The house is situated at Australian city Sydney near the harbor and has the view of famous landmarks as Opera House and Harbour Bridge. The Moebius house is constructed from a steel frame clad in metal panels.

The architects tried to combine many features in the design of the building. They successes to accomplish a large space inside the house, views on a tight sight and explore the maximization of light. They used the so called sensitive form of design 'micro design'. The micro design is modeling software that can be used to respond to really small changes to design inputs by the designer. They were concentrating on getting great view in front of the building maximum ventilation and minimum impact on the nature and nearby neighbors. Also one of the great architectural solutions is that they make the best possible tunnels for sunlight and views for the persons in the building.

The designers said that the because of the forms and idea behind the building they had to build it in completely new way. The whole project was designed in the 3 dimensions so the construction could be possible. The building of the house ended like construction of a car. The Moebius House is constructed around a chassis just like the cars are, and not like a normal building starting from the floor and walls.

More info for the design of the house at : Tony Owen


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