Friday, March 18, 2011

Pill Time - Management System by Vincent Berkeley Chen

The Pill Time management system is unique concept design idea by Vincent Berkeley Chen. This system is intended to help everyday life of elderly people. If you live with or help to an elderly people you know that it is very important to take their medicine pills on time and the right amount. This is the idea of the “Pill Time” concept. The system itself is composed by three components. The firs a pill bottle, the second is personal automated medication assistant and the last component is the loading station.  The PMA (Personal Medication Assistant) is the main part that the user will be using.

The device can be attached to key ring so that it will always be with the person needing it. The PMA is with own battery and is charged when docked in the Loading station. The PMA of the Pill Time system is separated with three internal containers which keep the pills for morning, afternoon and evening. The pills are released only on the programmed time and only the loaded amount. The system has alarm that reminds the person to take their pills. The loading of the pills is automated. When the PMA is inserted in the loading station it not only charges its battery but also load the required pill in it. The loading station itself is loaded with pill bottles for each type of medication needed.

The pill bottles are marked with colors for the different medication and also they have big supporting stickers for easier identification. The loading station has three buttons. Home button is used to release the needed pills for the day. The One day button is used to recharge the PMA. And travel button loads with a bigger amount of pills for longer trips away from home and Pill Time System.

As a conclusion this is one great design system with both modern look and most importantly functionality. This is something that can really help and make life easier and less stressed for elderly people.

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