Monday, March 21, 2011

Riva Iseo Yacht - Blend of History and innovation

Riva Iseo is a cruiser that is a perfect blend of history and innovation. The yacht is born with exceptional relationship between the designers of Riva Iseo ( which are also designers of the entire lines of yachts Riva) Officina Italiana Design and AYT - AYT - Advanced Yacht Technology, also in the creation of this yacht are involved and Ferretti Group’s design centre, and Centro Stile Ferretti group with their teams of hi-valued designers and architects. Riva Iseo is designed to be used in lakes as well as in open sea waters.
The Design of this boat is trying to combine the best of the glamour elegance and modern look. The designers created the Riva Iseo with clean -cut lines, they used some of the highly sophisticated materials also put careful and great attention to every detail design. The mahogany is used all through the boat.  Riva Iseo is coming with great customer service, they even created custom-made car-trailer to fit perfectly to the boat and give the opportunity of his owner to take it wherever he wants.

As it is expected such class of yacht comes with a lot of features for their owner. The boat will have navigation system, custom made software specifically for Riva Iseo. The users can watch movies, listen internet radio or even open the user manual for the yacht. The yacht will be available with hybrid engine version the so called ZEM (Zero Emission Mode). This engine will not compromise speed. This is achieved by combining electric powered propulsion with diesel ones.
This marvelous yacht will be available for purchasing the summer of 2011. The Riva Iseo will come with three available engines Yanmar 6BY2 powered with 260 mhp, Yanmar 8LV with 320 mhp, and the most powerful Mercruiser 8.2 MAG with 380 mhp. Navigation category of the yacht is B. Riva Iseo will have maximum speed of 38.5 knots for the variant with the biggest engine. Length will be 8.24m with maximum beam 2.5 m. The maximum people available to be on the boat are 6.

The site of the Riva Iseo is : Riva-Yacht


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