Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tembo Trunks - Earbud Amplifying Speakers

The Tembo Trunks are earbuds speakers are designed by Scott Norrie. Those are something really functional. They amplify the sound of your iPod or iPad earbuds without using any energy, neither your playback device nor an external power. Regular speakers, like most other electronic products, are comprised of numerous parts. Often this includes damaging metals, toxins, glues, and batteries. All you have to do is plug your apple earbuds in Tembo Trunks and you get all the sound you want.

This way you can listen to your device and favorite music many times longer. The amplified sound is not that loud to make you shake or vibrate the room, but you will get sound louder about three times more than the earbuds. This make them perfect for many situations and places. They can be used at the pool, at to office to show your new songs to your co-workers, at the camping, at the bedroom of home or hotel. Tembo Trunks are made from high-grade silicone rubber, they are light flexible, stackable and washable.

 With these features they can be used at temperatures ranges from -50°C to +150° (-58°F to 302°F). The design of the amplifiers and used materials make them almost indestructible. They are 100% Waterproof, Shockproof, and Dustproof, so they are perfectly design to be used indoor and outdoor. Tembo Trunks will come in four different colors. They can be now bought for about 39$.

More information can be found at the project page at: Kickstarter 


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