Sunday, March 6, 2011

Träullit - Sound Absorbing Colorful Hexagonal Wall Tiles

This wall tiles were presented at the scene of Stockholm Design Week. They are modular system of hexagonal tiles that are sound absorbing and fire-resistant. The colorful hexagonal tiles are made from wood wool, cement and water. The material is mainly used for packaging, cushioning, insulation. The sound absorbing tiles are suitable for any kind of buildings and types of rooms: restaurants, schools, offices, stairwells, bathrooms, etc. The tiles come in eight different colors so you can make really good combinations or even make a stylistic of a picture.

The main advantages of the colorful hexagonal wall tiles are:
Fire resistance, Moisture resistance – the tiles are capable of absorbing and releasing moisture without being damaged or changing their color. This also adds the capability of the hexagonal wall tiles to act as humidity regulators in the rooms. This contributes to a pleasant climate and provides a general wellbeing. Another good advantage of the tiles is that they are very clean, and can be easily cleaned. There were tests and the tiles withstand even and vacuum cleaning.

The tiles can be mounted to the walls or the ceilings with a several types of techniques. The can be mounted magnetically on metal surfaces. They can be glued or drilled to the walls.

Raw tiles

Material for production of tiles

Production of Colorful Hexagonal Tiles


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