Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Unbeweaveable wingback chair by Aprro Design

This is a design of unique and extravagant chair by Alexander Purcell for Aprro Design a US based design studio. The set is completed with a footstool. The chair is named 'The Unbeweaveable' and is a wingback chair. One of the features is that the chair is oversized, so two people can sit in it comfortably. The Unbeweaveable chair and footstool can be used in indoor and outdoor environments. The designers were inspired by the origin of places like California and other similar climates. The form of the chair is inspired by the Victorian wingback contemporized by the stainless frame that is bented to the form of the chair. Hand knitted polypropylene rope reminiscent of a hammock is woven to the frame creating a suspended seat.

The chair dimensions are 4” x 34” x 50” inch so really large and not a problem for two people to seat.The price for the Unbeweaveable chair and footstool is yet to be announced. The great thing from this design studio is they made this set completely by hand, so you can customize almost everything. You can select a custom color. The set can be shipped to Europe.

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