Monday, March 28, 2011

"Volumptuou​s" sideboard by Edward Johnson

The “Volumptuous” is one really modern looking and eye-catching furniture. The designer that created this piece of art is Edward Johnson from United Kingdom. He's idea was to make this sideboard visually attractive to the customers and he accomplished this goal perfectly. The forms, the curves of the sideboard “Volumptuous” are inspired by the waves and the smooth transition from top to bottom. What is interesting is that this modern sideboard is not only great looking but it is also full functional. Despite his form and curves you can normally use the free space inside and operate with it.

Edward Johnson is master when it comes to working with timber as he is working with this type of material from a long time. The “Volumptuous” is entirely hand made from oak and then internally lined with cedar that is made be aromatic. The designer used specially ammonia on the sideboard to achieve the matching color of chocolate brown. This modern furniture will be perfect addition to any home, no meter if you live at the city or somewhere in the country. The “Volumptuous” complete the visual look of the interior and give something special to look at.


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