Friday, April 8, 2011

Caterpillar benches by Kawamura Ganjavian

      This is another series of furniture that has an artistic, modern and even little eccentric. The series are called Caterpillar inspired of the look of furniture. The design is form Kawamura Ganjavian design studio. The studio itself is founded in 2000 by Key Portilla-Kawamura and Ali Ganjavian. First the design studio of Kawamura Ganjavian is established in London but not long after it is moved in Madrid. 

     The Caterpillar furniture series are containing verity of benches with different shape and sizes. They are created by light and redundancy materials. This is with the idea for easy moving every piece of furniture around the modern house. The main point in the design of these benches is the multiple legs. They make them look like they are always in motion even when situated in the corner of empty room. The designers from Portilla-Kawamura tried to make this furniture to be noticed in every room. When we look at the result we can say they achieve this idea. In Caterpillar bench series there are also and supporters for table tops, that can also be used alone as an informal stool.


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