Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Colors in the interior Part II

     The colors in the kid’s room should be different from the colors in other areas. We must take into account the age of the children. In general, the environment should cheer and encourage children to be happy, joyful and energetic to play games. Preferred colors depending on age, red and orange for younger children and yellow and green for older must be covered sufficiently. If the room is designed for children of different ages, we choose the basic tone as desire of the smaller, since they spend more time in the room than old ones. Different wishes of several children can be combined in harmonious combination with the selection of decorative fabrics or by construction of a decorative wall / grid /. Here we must use the rule, as these colors are more vivid and powerful the spots colored with them should be smaller. The walls, floor, ceiling and all furniture and objects must create an active ensemble which affects the psychological and physiological condition of the children.

The living room is a room where the family spent their free time and evenings. She must be comfortable and cozy, but at the same time with stimulating and refreshing effect. Furniture and decorative fabrics are crucial when choosing a base color. It should contain warm tones - from yellow to red. The color of the ceiling should be light so it does not act us depressing. According to the size of the room we can select color with red and blue nuances. Supporting colors are imported with ornamental fabrics, art objects and indoor plants. Suitable combinations are: ivory and light gray as the main color and red-brown, gray-green, yellow, blue, brown, orange and green-blue as additional colors.

    The kitchen should be bright and clean. Appropriate colors are white, green and blue. The choice of color is determined by the furniture and layout of the room. If the furniture is white the green colors are suitable. With the admixture of yellow we will get warmer, and with blue - colder tones. Very important in this situation is the exhibition of the room. In northern exposure the preferably shade is warmer, and for the south - the cold ones. Colorful kitchen furniture look best against the walls in light gray or ivory. Additional colors with greater saturation are imported with curtains or flooring, as well as colorful dishes, colorful tablecloths and cushions for chairs.
    The bathroom must emits purity and freshness, but not cold. When we choose colors for the bathroom we must consider what is the lightening , because usually the bathrooms are lightened 100% artificially. Appropriate colors are yellow, orange or green, considerably lightened with white. If the bathroom is lined with tiles, ceiling and walls must harmonize with the color of the tiles. Thus, for white tiles we can use beige or green, while for green tiles preferably ivory or very light red. Black tiles / by themselves / are effective even with only gaps in white or ivory. Therefore, any other colors on the ceiling or upper walls should be avoided. If the bathroom is small, we must paint ceilings and walls in one color. The contrasts are achieved through the bath, sink and more.  

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