Thursday, April 14, 2011

KOTORI Umbrella Lamps

Those are the KOTORI lamp that is inspired by the look and materials of the umbrellas. They are designed from the Japanese design studio call the same KOTORI. What is interesting is this story is that the factory first was producing only umbrellas. Now they make umbrellas and modern lamps based on the traditional Japanese umbrellas. The KATORI lamps are made from bamboo trams that are handmade, the sides are made from washi paper, and the production technique is the same that is used in umbrella production. The shade of the lamps can be folded away. The KATORI lamps are very modern and will fit any contemporary home. The lamps combine the beauty and passion for perfection of Japanese culture.

 The lamps can be found in different colors white, black, purple orange and others. The KATORI company offer to their customers a huge variety of lamps, with special order everyone can order lamp with different form and shape. What’s more you can choose your own color for the lamp.
If you want something traditional as the Japanese umbrellas for your home that look modern and even little historical you can count on KOTORI umbrellas lamps.


Louise said...

Where can I purchase a katori lamp?

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