Monday, April 18, 2011

The Loopita Exteriores by Victor Aleman

      The designer of this breath taking modern furniture is Victor Aleman. He is an industrial designer that is surprisingly young for what he achieved so far. Victor Aleman works in Mexico City. His main concept is collaboration between hi tech technologies and handmade designs. His specialties are Industrial Design, 3D modeling and Interior Design. A lot of his work is social and eco friendly orientated. The Loopita Exteriores is no exception.

     The design is smart and beautiful. The shape and form were created using computer assisted drawings. Then every part is cut in a CNC Machine for best precision for using as little as possible wood material. After that every module is finished by hand for perfection. All the parts are connected together with a small connection pieces that are hidden between the rails of the parts. The construction of the Loopita Exteriores is looping from one end to another creating two seated bench. On each side one person can comfortably sit or even lay down to relax. For added comfort on every piece of the modular system is added
padded pillow. In conclusion we can say that the Loopita Exteriores is great piece of modern furniture that will look perfectly near the pool or in the garden.


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