Sunday, April 17, 2011

Metamorphosis Shelf by Sebastian Errazuriz

We are presenting to you a very special design. This is the Metamorphosis shelf. The designer of this shelf is Sebastian Errazuriz. He is Chilean born in 1977 that is raised in London but now is working in New York. He always tried to design furniture that is attractive and will attract attention of the people to them. The 
metamorphosis self is no exception. 

      The shelf is made from Baltic birch wood. What's make the furniture even unique is that every piece of it is handmade. The design is presenting like a big piece of tree branch with many little ramifications of this branch. The finish color of the Metamorphosis shelf is black. This won't fit in every home interior but if it does it is great addition to it. 

   The shelf itself is design to keep generally books and magazines but will be great place and for all the small stuff you want to present to your guests as it is sure they will look at that shelf. The designer completed his idea of unique furniture with this handmade shelf and also the eye-catching look. The shelf is part of a bigger collection of furniture set with the same design. We will present you very soon with his tree table.


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