Sunday, April 3, 2011

Paddle LED lamp by Benjamin Hubert

The paddle LED lamp is designed by Benjamin Hubert for lightening manufacturer “Fabbian” based in Italy. Benjamin Hubert is born in United Kingdom in 1984. He studied Industrial Design and Technology at Loughborough University and graduated in 2006. Not long after at 2007 the design studio Benjamin Hubert is established. The Paddle lamp is using led lights to bring light to workspace. This is very environment friendly and is cost effective. 

The design and the shape of the lamp was inspired by the canoe blade moving through the water. The Paddle lamp is constructed by three main parts, base, connecting arm and paddle head. Between them are two rotating balls that helps the movement of the parts on 360 degrease. The lamp by Benjamin Hubert comes in two variants the one is lacquered aluminum and the other is ash timber. The colors can match any home interior and help to create great modernistic look. The lamp is controlled by touch panel. The mass production of this led lamp is expected to be started this month at Milano.

More about the designer at: Benjamin Hubert


ales said...

I like this well designed LED lamp.It is very fantastic paddle lamp.This one LED lamp is ECO friendly and cost less.This lamp is controlled by touch panel.I like this great LED lamp.

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