Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pallares chair by Carlos Cordoba

The Pallares chair is result form a long research for new material form natural fibers. The research is started at the University of Narino Columbia in the Department of Design. The result from this research is the material used for creating the Pallares chair. Combination of natural tetera fibers also known as “Stromanthea luthea” and polyester resin make this material available , that is perfect and well used form craftsmen’s and designers all over the world now. One of them is Carlos Cordoba who created this fantastic chair.

 The Pallares chair is constructed form 3 perfectly identical parts. Each part is casted form the fibers as they come in large variety of colors. After we have the three parts we can construct the chair. The assembly is very easy just snap the parts together. We can match or mix the colors of the parts. The disassembly is also easy. The chair is perfect for small rooms and spaces saving usable space. The chair is designed for children form age 3 to 5.  


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