Sunday, April 24, 2011

The whaletone piano by Robert Majkut

This is the whaletone piano designed by the Polish designer Robert Majkut. The design of the piano is like a big whale just coming out of the water. Robert Majkut tried to make a perfectly recognizable and different from everything created till now but in the same time still looking like a piano. What's more is that the piano is completely professional and make the perfect sounds. The piano is filled with technologies and extras. 

It has a list of 500 embedded sounds also a big collection of sound variations and uses the Super Natural Piano technology. The professional piano has a stunning ivory keyboard.  There are different colors for the finish of the piano, but the Model Grande is the two-colored piano with black and white. With only the push of a button the electrically control piano case is open. Some of the other features of this outstanding design piano are the LED display, CD player, possibility of adding option sounds equalizer and others. 

The Whaleton piano has an amplifier constructed form four chambers helping for stronger sound. This piano is amazing with no doubt and will fit perfectly in any stage for professionals of inside of your home for interior design purposes.


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