Sunday, May 29, 2011

Alcatel New Headquarters Building

Alcatel Telecommunication Company moved to a new building, their new headquarters. The office building is located in Cascais Portugal. The studio behind the design and building of this modernistic head office of Alcatel are FVArquitectos. FVArquitectos are architecture studio based at Lisbon Portugal. The man behind this name that created this company is Federico Valsassina.  

The designers make this building as representation of simple building form. As every detail is designed so the head office of Alcatel is optimized for inner space and maximum functionality of the interior. The building is different design in her two ends. At the one side the headquarters are dug into the ground and it’s like the building is emerging from the earth. At the other end the building is lifted in the air and the illusion is that only the one stair is holding the structure. 

To be accessible and safety all around the structure the building have ramps, stairs and bridges. They also help for faster connection between the departments of the head office of Alcatel. The Exterior is created form big glass windows fading the real size and floors of the structure creating the illusion of only one.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Bmw 328 Hommage Concept Car

Another legendary supercar is reborn. In 1930 the classic BMW 328 is constructed and released to the market. That car created from the big auto brand BMW is still popular and remembered from many people. Now BMW Company brings out her successor. They revealed the MBW 328 Hommage Concept car. This concept car BMW 328 Hommage is captured our attention with its outstanding design.

The car is two seated cabriolet and interesting from construction side is that the car has no doors at all. BMW 328 Hommage is with straight six-cylinder engine with capacity of three liters. The power of this engine is still not reviled and will be kept possibly until the release date of this modern designed car. In both the exterior and interior use a lot of reinforced carbon-fiber plastic. This makes the car lighter and faster. Despite the big wide body and big engine the total weight of the concept BMW 318 Hommage car is around 780 kilograms. This is achieved with the use of carbon, the type of the car - cabriolet and that there are no doors.

 The front of the car has distinguishing marks for the Bavarian company BMW the famous to everybody kidney shaped front grill that in this particular design are stretched up. At the back we have double exhaust system with very slick designed taillights of the BMW 328 Hommage. We are noxious to see the final product and see it on the road where this car belongs.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Modular Lights by Robhoff

This is one very interesting modular light, it's simple in design and very functional and an intriguing way for lightening. The designer behind it is Robert Hoffman also knows with is artistic name Robhoff. Robhoff is born in 1979 in Berlin, Germany. From 2006 he is on free practice creating this marvelous design and this particular modular light.

The body of the modular light is created from aluminum and steel. The form of the light is cubic. The back of the cube is static, but all other sides of the modular light can be moved tilted or rotated so the light will change its direction. With this lamp you can really create a small light show in your room and what's more you can change the way it looks.

 Inside the cube is the light source and with every move of the sides the light escapes from the cracks and open spaces and create every time new light texture to the surrounding. If you close all the sides you get a little glow in the shape of the modular light and if you want you can focus the light at a certain spot, by tilting and moving its sides.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Join Table by Ding3000 inspired by ancient Japanese game

This little and really modern looking table is the Join Table. Join Table is created by Ding3000. This is not the first design of Ding3000 inspired by the ancient Japanese game. They also created the JOIN that is feeding set composed form knife fork and spoon fitted at the same position as Join table legs.

The idea behind this design is that you can assemble and disable the JOIN Table very easy and with no tolls necessary at all. The bottom of the table is constructed form three rectangular parts rounded at their ends. They are merged in one piece using the technique of 'devils knot'. When combined on top of them is placed the oval glass and the table is ready. The legs of the table are made from untreated oak wood and the top is stained and smoked glass.

The approximate size of the Join Table is 750 mm width, 400 mm height and the glass is with 750 mm diameter. The table is with very fresh design and will be good looking if used for table or even only for decoration at any room.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bravit Candle by Christophe van Bommel


The Bravit Candle is designed by Christophe van Bommel born in Monchengladbach Germany. The idea behind the design is that there are various paths for the flame to go. The design and pattern of the wick structure is visible from outside of the wax body. You start with just one flame and you can have three or four afterwards.

 When you light the first wick of the candle the flame start to burn and depending on the paths it can get different directions. The candle makes a perfect impression and is eye-catching. Great for romantic dinner or relaxing bath. One of the positives of the candle is that it will burn for a several hours keeping the good mood for longer time. The candle is sold in different sizes and forms. The sizes are XL, L, M and S. The price of the candle starts from 50 euro depending on size and form. The price for the stands used for Bravit Candle is about 3 euro’s.

Folded Leaf by Claesson Koivisto Rune

     The Folded Leaf is a modern design phone by the design studio Claesson Koivisto Rune that is based in Stockholm. The phone was created for Huawai Company. The designer’s tried to make the device with natural form as it name suggests it is inspired by the leaf form a tree form. Claesson Koivisto Rune wanted to make a phone that is with better design and have only the functions that are really needed. The designers say that new phones only really on functions and the design stopped to develop. The form of the phone is comfortable, easy to use and accessible. 

As the phone is folded it perfectly follows the shape of human head and matches the position of the speaker and microphone. At the rear of the device are the camera and the loudspeaker, they are combined behind the logo of an eye. The eye is representing the nature and its forms. The materials used for creating the phone and the bended in the middle form create a scratch resistance screen. The phone comes in variety of colors form yellow, green and black to red white and blue.  The center of the balance is in the lower half helping the user to navigate and use the phone when in his palm. Every aspect of this phone design is with the user in the center how the phone to be more user friendly and easy to use.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Colors in the interior Part III

Furniture as the most important objects of the interior are an essential color factor. Walls with a contrasting color and luminosity highlight furniture and walls that have the same color with the color of the furniture swallow them. In the dark walls bright furnishings look bigger, but the room - smaller. Given that the bright tones create optical illusion of space, small apartments and rooms need to be built in tone to bright colors, having regard to no fragmentation into separate areas and groups. In multi-room apartments can be used more intense colors, as the purpose is to avoid monotony.
     The Red color affects most active on human awakens his physical strength, energy, vitality. This is the color of passion and desire. It is used to rapidly activate the activity. His long-term impact, however, leads to fatigue and reduced performance. All shades of bright red are recommended for anemia, menstrual pain, low blood pressure, aches and pains and colds.
     The pink color symbolizes unconditional and boundless love. It has all the positive properties of red and also help to bring a sense of devotion, enhances sensuality.

     Orange is the color of health. Stimulates sociability and humility creates cheerfully, happy mood, gives a sense of joy in life. This color improves performance less than red color, but for a long time. And coming tiredness is less than after the color red. This color is used when for a short term must be made ​​very hard work and in moments of significant emotional and intellectual exercise. It helps learning and remembering material for creative work. Orange influences favorably on spleen, pancreas, small intestine and lungs. Whole orange variety is an excellent remedy for depression.
     The yellow color of its action is similar to the orange - it is invigorating, refreshing, brings excitement, helps to extend the good mood. This is the color of hope and optimism. It also improves performance, although to a lesser extent, but for a long time. Benefit influence on creativity. It increases appetite and is very healing for digestive organs and liver.
     The green color is a neutral, soft and soothing. It is no coincidence that a man best relax with green trees in parks and forests, or wandering among the green grass. The green color is beneficial to eyesight, removes mental and physical strain, stabilizes blood pressure, and helps with headaches and migraines, cardiovascular disease, regenerate cells, creates a sense of calm and peace.

     Light blue color is passive. It promotes relaxation and the slowing of life processes, reduces performance and emotional tension, creates peace, helping people get to know themselves and to feel comfortable when alone, the color inspires. Calms the nervous system is beneficial for fatigue and insomnia, diseases of the throat and respiratory system. This color is perfect for bedrooms, offices or bathrooms.
     The blue color is passive, cold and calm. Under its influence reduced activity of life processes and performance, soothe emotions are arises a tendency to contemplation and meditation. Blue creates a favorable atmosphere for relaxed, but not intensive work and reduces the feeling of fatigue from it. He has a positive effect on respiratory organs, eyes, ears and body as a whole, stops bleeding, promotes the rapid healing and reducing pain, decreasing appetite.
     The white color calm emotional people, resolves conflicts. However, it should not be abused because it may cause depression. The most favorable is the black color combined with white. 

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Tree Table by Sebastian Errazuriz

As we promised some articles before, we present you the Tree Table by Sebastian Errazuriz. This is the designer that brings to us the Metamorphosis Shelf. He created this collection of custom handmade furniture from the nature using tree roots and branches. The table is made from a tree and its root processed with black color. 

     The tree is used as base for the table and on top of the tree we have a big glass top. Each piece of this table is custom made and is signed by the designer and have a number plate. The table has a length of 4.2 meters. As the base is form real wood the total width of the table is about half a ton. The wood used for the base of the table is from the kind American "Crespon". 

     As Sebastian Errazuriz like perfection and want every piece of table to be by his recommendations that's why he personally choose each wood that is used for a table. This design of Tree Table is modernistic and natural looking. This contemporary table will be looking right at its spot at some office.

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Japanese breeze in the interior


     The Japanese culture is very boundless and in the same time very interesting and drawing attention. The Japanese interior is widely spared all over the world and can be used in every home or room. The details of the interior are highly bounded to the Japanese way of life. Distinguishing feature of Japanese style is the feeling of space in the rooms. This specific feature is influenced by lifestyle in the Land of the Rising Sun, where a relatively small area has many inhabitants. To counteract the crowded atmosphere in the cities, the Japanese are seeking to create more spacious rooms, harmony and order in their homes. To transfer the charm of the East in your home, stick to absolute minimalism especially in details and furniture. Furniture and accessories in the room should be minimized, and their shapes have to be clean and maximum compact. The Japanese use many tricks to increase the space in their homes. The bedrooms, cabinet’s tables are very low, practically inches from the floor. Most often furniture and accessories are resolved in bright colors as this visually increases the volume of spaces. Everywhere into Japanese interior are used sliding doors - both between rooms and in wardrobes.

     This is one of the lineament in the design of the Japanese interior. Much attention is paid in the interior to the textile. For the Japanese people relationship with nature is essential, therefore we must be using natural materials - cotton, linen and silk. Besides fabrics, cushions carpets, do not forget another important component of Japanese interior design - blinds from fabric. Bet on the combination of two maximum of three contrasting colors. The most commonly used colors in Japanese interior are black and white, with small details of red. Of course, we can meet different variations of shades, but always within the natural range - for example, cream beige to bright colors, brown and black for darker colors. Do not overlook the decoration. Choose one item from home to decorate as traditional Japanese motif. It shall contrast with exquisitely simple clean lines of the whole interior. This can be a blanket for a bed, why not hand-painted fresco on the wall also.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Origami Forum by ModelArt

     Origami, this is traditional Japanese art of folding paper. Many designers are inspired by the look and creation of origami and many tried to represent this art in their creations and designs. One of them that are extremely successful is the Origami Forum the seating furniture by ModelArt Studios. ModelArt with the cooperation of Faculty of Technical Sciences based at Novi Sad Serbia make this possible.

    The main idea behind the designers was to make something looking extraordinary and in the same time multifunctional. The name of the furniture is not accidentally chosen, the Forum is accurately selected as name to represent the purpose of the furniture. The Origami Forum is intended to be meeting place for people. There they can talk, sit, or even lay down to relax. The furniture can be used by only one man or from a group of people.

     The chair (or seating furniture as some call the Origami Forum) is made from modular elements. Each piece is "sewn" to the others making the furniture look even more modernistic and eye-catching. One of the advantages of this construction is that it can be easily transported, and we can even change the form of the seating chair by our demands and needs. The material is strong so the Origami Forum can be used indoor and outdoor. This is perfect furniture for public places with the ability to attract people.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Interior lighting Part III

     The lighting in the modern home in addition to functionally it also has and aesthetic importance of the impact of the interior. Local lighting helps to express the composition of the apartment, at the same time increasing or optically highlights individual functional areas. Local focus lighting highlights significant the plasticity and the forms of individual objects in the interior, which in general lighting (ie in diffused light) are very depersonalized. It brings life and variety in the interior. By the successful combination of general and local lighting we achieve a truly rational light, which is not lacks the aesthetic qualities. To achieve different effects, we can use a variety of lamps and accessories.

  •      Hanging lamps provide good general lighting, but have the disadvantage to throwing shadows and therefore not suitable for activities such as reading or sewing. The amount of emitted light depends on the shade used and the height of suspension.
  •      Table lamps illuminate brightly certain areas that need to be well lit, according to the type of shade they can throw light up, down or sideways.
  •      Standard lamps provide general or directional lighting, as some have lighting ensemble which can be used to highlight certain areas or objects.
  •      Wall lamps are used to throwing light on the ceiling or floor.
  •      Fluorescent lamps require a special power supply, which is bulky and difficult to disguise, but they are more durable and therefore more expensive than ordinary. Moreover, there are very small, miniature models, which can easily be hidden.
  •      Lighting fixtures type moon are good examples of the dual role that light might play, since they have generally lightening  functionalities but can also to be used to create certain atmosphere. There are models made ​​for normal bulbs, others - for large bulbs with built-in reflectors, and others - for halogen bulbs, which have very small light beam and are used only for decoration.
  •      Movable spotlights take less space in the ceiling rather than built ones, and if they are used to illuminate the plants and bottom-up angles, could create a strong decorative effect.

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