Sunday, May 29, 2011

Alcatel New Headquarters Building

Alcatel Telecommunication Company moved to a new building, their new headquarters. The office building is located in Cascais Portugal. The studio behind the design and building of this modernistic head office of Alcatel are FVArquitectos. FVArquitectos are architecture studio based at Lisbon Portugal. The man behind this name that created this company is Federico Valsassina.  

The designers make this building as representation of simple building form. As every detail is designed so the head office of Alcatel is optimized for inner space and maximum functionality of the interior. The building is different design in her two ends. At the one side the headquarters are dug into the ground and it’s like the building is emerging from the earth. At the other end the building is lifted in the air and the illusion is that only the one stair is holding the structure. 

To be accessible and safety all around the structure the building have ramps, stairs and bridges. They also help for faster connection between the departments of the head office of Alcatel. The Exterior is created form big glass windows fading the real size and floors of the structure creating the illusion of only one.


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