Monday, May 23, 2011

Colors in the interior Part III

Furniture as the most important objects of the interior are an essential color factor. Walls with a contrasting color and luminosity highlight furniture and walls that have the same color with the color of the furniture swallow them. In the dark walls bright furnishings look bigger, but the room - smaller. Given that the bright tones create optical illusion of space, small apartments and rooms need to be built in tone to bright colors, having regard to no fragmentation into separate areas and groups. In multi-room apartments can be used more intense colors, as the purpose is to avoid monotony.
     The Red color affects most active on human awakens his physical strength, energy, vitality. This is the color of passion and desire. It is used to rapidly activate the activity. His long-term impact, however, leads to fatigue and reduced performance. All shades of bright red are recommended for anemia, menstrual pain, low blood pressure, aches and pains and colds.
     The pink color symbolizes unconditional and boundless love. It has all the positive properties of red and also help to bring a sense of devotion, enhances sensuality.

     Orange is the color of health. Stimulates sociability and humility creates cheerfully, happy mood, gives a sense of joy in life. This color improves performance less than red color, but for a long time. And coming tiredness is less than after the color red. This color is used when for a short term must be made ​​very hard work and in moments of significant emotional and intellectual exercise. It helps learning and remembering material for creative work. Orange influences favorably on spleen, pancreas, small intestine and lungs. Whole orange variety is an excellent remedy for depression.
     The yellow color of its action is similar to the orange - it is invigorating, refreshing, brings excitement, helps to extend the good mood. This is the color of hope and optimism. It also improves performance, although to a lesser extent, but for a long time. Benefit influence on creativity. It increases appetite and is very healing for digestive organs and liver.
     The green color is a neutral, soft and soothing. It is no coincidence that a man best relax with green trees in parks and forests, or wandering among the green grass. The green color is beneficial to eyesight, removes mental and physical strain, stabilizes blood pressure, and helps with headaches and migraines, cardiovascular disease, regenerate cells, creates a sense of calm and peace.

     Light blue color is passive. It promotes relaxation and the slowing of life processes, reduces performance and emotional tension, creates peace, helping people get to know themselves and to feel comfortable when alone, the color inspires. Calms the nervous system is beneficial for fatigue and insomnia, diseases of the throat and respiratory system. This color is perfect for bedrooms, offices or bathrooms.
     The blue color is passive, cold and calm. Under its influence reduced activity of life processes and performance, soothe emotions are arises a tendency to contemplation and meditation. Blue creates a favorable atmosphere for relaxed, but not intensive work and reduces the feeling of fatigue from it. He has a positive effect on respiratory organs, eyes, ears and body as a whole, stops bleeding, promotes the rapid healing and reducing pain, decreasing appetite.
     The white color calm emotional people, resolves conflicts. However, it should not be abused because it may cause depression. The most favorable is the black color combined with white. 

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