Monday, May 9, 2011

The helicopter trike "Apache FM1" by Senni Med

The Apache FM1 is a concept car designed from Senni Med. He is a designer from Morocco that was firstly inspired by the military helicopter Apache AH-64. The form of the body of this tow-seated trike is just like the helicopter starting with almost conical head and finishing with open doors like stopped propellers of the Apache.

The design is say the least extravagant and modernistic but still good and eye catching. If you drive this vehicle a lot a people will be turning their heads when you pass near them. Still this is pure concept of design but the author of the Apache FM1 said this is the final design so we are noxious to see the final result. As to construction the two seated trike the wheels are magnetic, the doors slide up over the roof. The lights of the trice use the LED technology. As a personalized for the designer the front of the car has his logo as big X. One interesting this is that the second seat can be removed so the driver can have more space if he drives alone.


4rx said...

That Apache looks sleek! I like the style and the orientation of the wheels. I kinda expect one of the Mighty Morphine Power Rangers coming out of that ride.

Med SENNI said...


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