Sunday, May 15, 2011

Interior lighting Part III

     The lighting in the modern home in addition to functionally it also has and aesthetic importance of the impact of the interior. Local lighting helps to express the composition of the apartment, at the same time increasing or optically highlights individual functional areas. Local focus lighting highlights significant the plasticity and the forms of individual objects in the interior, which in general lighting (ie in diffused light) are very depersonalized. It brings life and variety in the interior. By the successful combination of general and local lighting we achieve a truly rational light, which is not lacks the aesthetic qualities. To achieve different effects, we can use a variety of lamps and accessories.

  •      Hanging lamps provide good general lighting, but have the disadvantage to throwing shadows and therefore not suitable for activities such as reading or sewing. The amount of emitted light depends on the shade used and the height of suspension.
  •      Table lamps illuminate brightly certain areas that need to be well lit, according to the type of shade they can throw light up, down or sideways.
  •      Standard lamps provide general or directional lighting, as some have lighting ensemble which can be used to highlight certain areas or objects.
  •      Wall lamps are used to throwing light on the ceiling or floor.
  •      Fluorescent lamps require a special power supply, which is bulky and difficult to disguise, but they are more durable and therefore more expensive than ordinary. Moreover, there are very small, miniature models, which can easily be hidden.
  •      Lighting fixtures type moon are good examples of the dual role that light might play, since they have generally lightening  functionalities but can also to be used to create certain atmosphere. There are models made ​​for normal bulbs, others - for large bulbs with built-in reflectors, and others - for halogen bulbs, which have very small light beam and are used only for decoration.
  •      Movable spotlights take less space in the ceiling rather than built ones, and if they are used to illuminate the plants and bottom-up angles, could create a strong decorative effect.

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