Friday, May 20, 2011

Japanese breeze in the interior


     The Japanese culture is very boundless and in the same time very interesting and drawing attention. The Japanese interior is widely spared all over the world and can be used in every home or room. The details of the interior are highly bounded to the Japanese way of life. Distinguishing feature of Japanese style is the feeling of space in the rooms. This specific feature is influenced by lifestyle in the Land of the Rising Sun, where a relatively small area has many inhabitants. To counteract the crowded atmosphere in the cities, the Japanese are seeking to create more spacious rooms, harmony and order in their homes. To transfer the charm of the East in your home, stick to absolute minimalism especially in details and furniture. Furniture and accessories in the room should be minimized, and their shapes have to be clean and maximum compact. The Japanese use many tricks to increase the space in their homes. The bedrooms, cabinet’s tables are very low, practically inches from the floor. Most often furniture and accessories are resolved in bright colors as this visually increases the volume of spaces. Everywhere into Japanese interior are used sliding doors - both between rooms and in wardrobes.

     This is one of the lineament in the design of the Japanese interior. Much attention is paid in the interior to the textile. For the Japanese people relationship with nature is essential, therefore we must be using natural materials - cotton, linen and silk. Besides fabrics, cushions carpets, do not forget another important component of Japanese interior design - blinds from fabric. Bet on the combination of two maximum of three contrasting colors. The most commonly used colors in Japanese interior are black and white, with small details of red. Of course, we can meet different variations of shades, but always within the natural range - for example, cream beige to bright colors, brown and black for darker colors. Do not overlook the decoration. Choose one item from home to decorate as traditional Japanese motif. It shall contrast with exquisitely simple clean lines of the whole interior. This can be a blanket for a bed, why not hand-painted fresco on the wall also.


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