Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Join Table by Ding3000 inspired by ancient Japanese game

This little and really modern looking table is the Join Table. Join Table is created by Ding3000. This is not the first design of Ding3000 inspired by the ancient Japanese game. They also created the JOIN that is feeding set composed form knife fork and spoon fitted at the same position as Join table legs.

The idea behind this design is that you can assemble and disable the JOIN Table very easy and with no tolls necessary at all. The bottom of the table is constructed form three rectangular parts rounded at their ends. They are merged in one piece using the technique of 'devils knot'. When combined on top of them is placed the oval glass and the table is ready. The legs of the table are made from untreated oak wood and the top is stained and smoked glass.

The approximate size of the Join Table is 750 mm width, 400 mm height and the glass is with 750 mm diameter. The table is with very fresh design and will be good looking if used for table or even only for decoration at any room.


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