Thursday, May 26, 2011

Modular Lights by Robhoff

This is one very interesting modular light, it's simple in design and very functional and an intriguing way for lightening. The designer behind it is Robert Hoffman also knows with is artistic name Robhoff. Robhoff is born in 1979 in Berlin, Germany. From 2006 he is on free practice creating this marvelous design and this particular modular light.

The body of the modular light is created from aluminum and steel. The form of the light is cubic. The back of the cube is static, but all other sides of the modular light can be moved tilted or rotated so the light will change its direction. With this lamp you can really create a small light show in your room and what's more you can change the way it looks.

 Inside the cube is the light source and with every move of the sides the light escapes from the cracks and open spaces and create every time new light texture to the surrounding. If you close all the sides you get a little glow in the shape of the modular light and if you want you can focus the light at a certain spot, by tilting and moving its sides.


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