Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Origami Forum by ModelArt

     Origami, this is traditional Japanese art of folding paper. Many designers are inspired by the look and creation of origami and many tried to represent this art in their creations and designs. One of them that are extremely successful is the Origami Forum the seating furniture by ModelArt Studios. ModelArt with the cooperation of Faculty of Technical Sciences based at Novi Sad Serbia make this possible.

    The main idea behind the designers was to make something looking extraordinary and in the same time multifunctional. The name of the furniture is not accidentally chosen, the Forum is accurately selected as name to represent the purpose of the furniture. The Origami Forum is intended to be meeting place for people. There they can talk, sit, or even lay down to relax. The furniture can be used by only one man or from a group of people.

     The chair (or seating furniture as some call the Origami Forum) is made from modular elements. Each piece is "sewn" to the others making the furniture look even more modernistic and eye-catching. One of the advantages of this construction is that it can be easily transported, and we can even change the form of the seating chair by our demands and needs. The material is strong so the Origami Forum can be used indoor and outdoor. This is perfect furniture for public places with the ability to attract people.


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