Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Zero emissions eco friendly van "Ecco"

     This marvelous machine is brought to us by the designers Tino Schaedler and Michael J Brown. They created this zero emissions eco friendly transport called the "Ecco". Tino and Michel created a new form of transportation mixed by the currently available airstreams and vans. This is not unusually because the inspiration of their design came dorm the legendary Volkswagen camper vans.

     What is so genius in this idea of the replica of some oldie van fit of his time some will say? Let's explain step by step. The design of the “Ecco” van is inspired by the VW camper but the finish product is way different and even better that him. The form is futuristic and rounded, as the finish color is polished gray. Great visibility and light in the compartment of the "Ecco" is supplied by the big front window that overflows to the roof. Also there are two big round windows on each side of the vehicle. The Front tires are slim and very height they start from the bottom of the car and reach it top.

     The dimension of The “Ecco” is 1.97 meters height, 2.55 meters width and 4.62 meters length. One of the main features of the camper is the tow modes that the vehicle can operate. The first one is the standard "driving" mode. The other is so called the "living" mode. When in this mode the "Ecco" unfolds his roof and open big space inside for living when you reached your vacation destination. Another plus of this camper is that it produces zero emission to the air. This is an electric vehicle that uses his batteries for moving and operating. The charging can be achieved in two ways. One is the standard charging from the electricity network and for the other the whole roof is made from photovoltaic panels and a solar sail.

     The van is constructed with bottom very close to the ground for additional space inside. This is perfect for the nature lovers. You can travel almost for free with the power from the sum save the nature and when you stop you have enough room for living area, bed, kitchen bathroom and shower.


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