Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wall Plant Pods by Domenic Fiorello

Those are the Plant Pods by the designer Domenic Fiorello. He is an American who is living in Rochester, New York. He finished Bachelor of Fine Arts of Woodworking & Furniture Design at Rochester Institute of Technology at year 2011. This like pod planters are made from white oak wood and ABS plastic. This make them perfect to fit in any contemporary and modern home.

 The plant pods are designed as little shelves. The mounting to the wall save a lot of space and is also eye-catching. There is a lot of variety of plants that can be fitted in this spots, but the cactus is one of the best. It doesn't need a lot of human care and can be left on higher part of the wall. The Plant Pod can be used alone or a couple in combination on top of each other. The approximate size of these shelves by the designer Domenic Fiorello is 11.5x8.5x2.25.  These pods are with very sleek design and are perfect for any small or compact home.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Frecciamela - Wall Fruit Holder

This is something that really catch our attention because of it creativity. This is Frecciamela and maybe it is the most unusual wall-mounted fruit bow you ever seen. The design of this modern fruit holder is by Nicola Loi and Andrea Maffezzoni. Andrea Maffezzoni was born in 1988 in Italy. The shape of Frecciamela is like an arrow. The tip and the back of the arrow design are saved as only the body is curved so it can hold general size fruits. The Frecciamela is made to be fixed at the wall.

The body of the arrow can be ordered in two variants one is acrylic stone and the other is aluminum. As for the tip of the arrow it comes only in aluminum. As not every wall is perfectly clean and not the fruits to make stains on the wall there is transparent acrylic plate behind the arrow. The plate is 2mm and is about 6mm from the wall leaving enough space for the fruits to be positioned. If you use this to store your fruits for day life or use it only as decoration you won't be wrong. Frecciamela is perfect for both of them and will fit in every modern design interior.

Adna Chaise by David Weeks

This is the Adna Chaise. This furniture is like combining two different worlds. The main idea is the contrast between the two parts of this furniture. The legs made form unordered pile of wood sticks and the sleek and modern top part where the seating area is. The designer is David Weeks who created this Adna Chaise. The inspiration of the bottom part of the furniture design is the construction of wooden rollercoaster and their wooden supports. 

He wanted to show the main construction and support parts and the beauty of them and not hide them like other does. The base is made from maple wood, as the upper part is made from fiberglass to form the seating. For more comfort and really sleek design he added leather upholstery. The Adna Chaise is presented at MatterMade Collection Number Two and not only is that but one of the featured furniture designs there. For the global design of this furniture and the whole collection that it is part from the designer David Weeks tried to combine the use of standard materials and show that in the right construction they can look modern and contemporary.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Table by Elda Bellone

This is a table design by Elda Bellone. And not just a table but tAble because the table is able to fit in various situations and in different user needs. Elda Bellone was born in Teramo in 1971, now she live in Florence where she attended the Faculty of Architecture and graduating in 2000. The idea is very simple but the result is very modernistic and functional. What is brilliant is that you actually get two tables that occupy the space of one. 

The base table is the red table that is the bigger of both. The smaller one is transparent. This table is fitted on top of the bigger red table. This way you can arrange them to your needs if you need space and need one table just stack them, otherwise split them and you get two big tables. The usability and design aren’t affected from the way the tables are used. They look great and can be used as one table or as two different tables. However when the tables are combined we have more modern and finished design that is very eye-catching. The material used for production of these tables is strong and you don't have to worry what you put on top of them.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

X-1 Carbon Chair for KEDO

This lounge chair is really a piece of art and truly fit in category of modern furniture. This is the X-1 carbon lounge chair imported from Italy and designed for Kedo. With its Italian design it's no surprise the design of the chair is so modernistic and sleek and looking rally classy. The concept of the design is inspired by aircrafts. The chair is taking the best of both worlds the superb design and the entire functional look you can get. But what you really receive?  You get a core for the chair from honeycomb Nomex material. This core is then combined with carbon fibers that gives it additional hardness and give the sleek look.

As you would expect the designer used only hi-quality materials for all the parts of the X-1 carbon chair. Hi-quality leather is used for the padded part of the chair. For your money you can choose the color of the leather. One additional extra is the head pillow that has system of regulation for you pleasure. The pillow can be position in three different positions. The whole body of the X-1 chair is designed to please you so it's shaped like a human body. The chair dimensions are as follows: 67” L x 24” W x 31.5” H. The X-1 lounge chair weight about 37.5 pounds. The price of the chair comes at no cheap, its 17 600 $ (about 12 220 €). But classy comes with patience so if you want to have this X-1 lounge chair you must be prepared to wait at least 6 to 7 weeks for delivery.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Kitchen Bull by Toro Legno

This is one very interesting kitchen accessory. We present you the Kitchen Bull by Toro Legno, but don't worry if you wave something red it’s there to help you and not to attack you. The main concept of the Kitchen Bull is to keep you busy and entertained while you are waiting for some food go be baked fried. Toro Legno present us with little book shelf suitable for our kitchen worktop. The Kitchen bull is made from Australian plywood. It has 10 slots for kitchen utilities. As the bookshelf is also and knife block. This modernistic furniture not only looks good and keeps your kitchen books (or anything you love to read in the kitchen) but also is functional. 

As we mention you have 10 slots for scissors, shears and knifes. But that's not all on the other side the designers make a place for putting board. The dimensions of Kitchen Bull are 63cm L x 26 cm W x 31cm H as in this overall size you get 29cm L x 26cm W for the book shelf and  31cm x 23 cm for the cutting board. The design is really simple and sleek so it will fit very well in every modern kitchen. One downside is that for your money you will get only the wooden piece of the Kitchen Bull everything else knifes, books and the cutting board is not included. Nevertheless this is really good addition to everyone’s kitchen.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Modern Interior

Today's interior design more than ever, uses elements from different cultures and eras. Mixing leads to a blurring of boundaries between traditional styles. Even more difficult is to separate them from modern style and to determine its most characteristic features. This is what we will discuss in this article. Feature of modern style are clean lines and smooth, reflective surfaces without complicated details. This does not mean that the atmosphere in the home must be stiff and cold. Many fresh items and interesting design gives comfort and vitality of the interior. If you want your home to be decorated in contemporary style, you should pay attention to several key elements:

  • Colors - Modern design is dominated by neutral colors. The walls are preferred in earth-pastel hues and pure white. One or two accents in the room, however, must be alive and in vibrant colors. This may be decorative objects, sofa in the grass-green or even one wall of the room painted in a bold color line. The emphasis, however, must be measured, because the basic idea of contemporary style to create a feeling of simplicity.
  • Metal elements - Pure shine of the metal replaces the traditional decorative elements in modern decor. Most modern furniture metal parts are made of steel, nickel or chrome. Inox full reign in the kitchen and replaced all previously used materials and colors.
  • Fabrics - Silk and tulle are combined in perfect harmony with the smooth lines of metallic elements. Linen and wool are also preferred because of the natural atmosphere they create. Interesting accent in interior are wallpapers from textiles that add depth and texture to the room.
  • Wood  - The most characteristic for tree in contemporary design is its extreme colors, too bright or too dark shades. Combine bravely wooden objects and furniture in different styles, but try to be supported in a single color. This will create a stylish atmosphere of home.
  • Lightening  - Lighting is an important element of modern design because it highlights certain accents in the room. Instead of the traditional shade are preferred lights embedded in walls, floors and cabinets. They are usually made of metal elements and complement the shine of other flat surfaces in the interior.

London 2012 Basketball Arena

This is the Basketball Arena build in London for 2012 Olympic Games. The building is massive and in the same time with remarkable design that will be remembered. This building will probably become one of the landmarks of London. One genus idea of the designers and construction companies is that the whole building is movable and portable.  It will be dismantled after the games are finished and would be build elsewhere where it is needed. This is the largest portable venue for any game ever builds. The basketball arena has 12000 seats. Near the Arena there will be BMX arena and Velodrome. With this designers tried to use with maximum efficient the available space.

 The construction begins in 2009 and was finished in June 2011. The steel frame of the building is more than 1000 tones.  The arena will host grouping matches (men’s and women’s) and woman’s quarter-finals also. There will be hosted also and Handball, Wheelchair Basketball and Wheelchair Rugby matches. The London Basketball Arena is located in the north of the Olympics Park.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Henri Stool by Alexandre Reignier

Today we will present you this minimalistic furniture. This is the Henri Stool by Alexandre Reignier designer from France. He is self-taught and love creating design furniture with wood. Alexandre Reignier main idea is to create something useful and beautifully. He wants to see his creations in people’s homes offices or community buildings and not only at museums or show rooms. Creating Henri Stool we think he accomplished all of his requirements.  The design and creation of the stool were made in south France in Aix-en-Provence. The Henri Stool design is mix between the traditional Japanese inspiration and more imaginative Scandinavian design.

 The stool top is created from seven well cut and polished wood pieces. Each piece is bended and fixed to the base of the stool. Little but very modernistic point in the design is the signature of Reignier at every finished stool. The seat is extremely comfortable and you can sit several hours without feeling discomfort. Overall for the stool we can say it will be perfect addition to every home.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Jonah Collection By James Harrison

This little furniture collection is designed by James Harrison it is called Jonah Collection. He set up a James UK with Kingdom in 2006. James UK is manufacturing and delivering design furniture’s to the end users. They bring to the design furniture scene unique and hi-end furniture that are remembered by the audience. The furniture’s are very beautiful and well designed. Every piece of this collection is handmade and inspected by the designers.

 There idea was to create a collection of furniture that is with perfect vision and can be placed in every home no matter if it is contemporary designed or cleaner designed. The Jonah collection is very comfortable and the furniture makes you feel very cozy. The set includes sofa and armchair they both have round edges and feet that are peg-like. The collection comes in two different colors - red and gray. The armchair is with following dimensions: Its 80 cm wide and 81 cm in depth. The height is 80 cm as the seat is at 42 cm height.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Living Tools by Yi Cong Lu

Living tools are designed by Yi-cong lu. He is born in Berlin Germany in year 1982. Yi-cong lu graduated Bachelor Degree in Product Design at Design Academy Eindhoven at year 2009, and next year finish his Diploma Degree in Industrial Design at University of Art and Design Burg. Now he is livening and working in Leipzig. His designer Living tools are designed to make peoples life easier in the variety or rooms and their function. This collection is presented on DMY 2011 at Berlin. 

Yi-cong lu wanted to change the environment of the people according to their needs. You can create with living tools a spacious living room, at the next moment turn it to cause bed room or even in conference room.  One item of the collection is the Light Boy. This helps you bring light everywhere you need it. The Light Boy can be freestanding or even hanged on the wall like a broom. The materials used for creating the Light Boy are birch wood, felt, PVC also he used textile and sand for filling. The dimensions of this tool are 60 x 205 x 30 when the light is folded, and when unfolded 60 x 205 x 200 cm.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Airbus Concept 2050

Welcome to the future, the year is 2050 and the Air Transport is presented by Airbus. This is the concept plane from Airbus and there perspective of aircrafts and air transport at the near future. One of the most eye-catching characteristic of the design of the new planes is their cabin. And not only what’s inside the cabin (we will talk about this later) but the material and the transparency of it. 

The material used for creating the cabin is eco friendly made from plants and in the same time super functional and filled with technologies. The Airbus 2050 plane cabin is made from bionic structure that is formed like a bird bones. It allows great panoramic view on all the top of the cabin and in the same this offers a great strength at the points needed. Every passenger will be able to select the air temperature and pureness for his position and also shade the roof to prevent sunlight or no for great view. Airbus is following their policy for future planes that need to be more and more eco friendly , the must use less fuel male less noise and be more efficient. But that's not all that is interesting, the interior design of the plane is also marvelous. Airbus abandoned seat classes and now uses zones in their airplanes. 

There will be several zones with different purpose. There will be conferment rooms, bar and even virtual golf course. Also there will be and “vitalizing zone” which will be all about relaxing and wellbeing. In this zone the passengers will be treated will aromatherapy, antioxidant with vitamin enriched air and moonlights. We hope this comes reality soon enough so we can see this piece of art in reality.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sasan Magic Carpet by Alexander Munk

The Sasan Magic Carpet is a new kind of home furniture designed by the German Design Strudio Alexander Munk. He is the founder of the design studio with the same name, the Design studio is located at the capital of Germany Berlin. This is thin like a regular carpet but in the same is multifunctional design furniture that can be used at variety of places and occasions.

The Sasan Magic Carpet is like a normal carpet but have many small slots on both sides of the carpet. Using specially designed red belts witch perfectly fit in the slots we are able to change the purpose of the rug in seconds. You are able to change the angle and position of the tree parts of the Sasan Magic Carpet so you can create from flat rug to boxy bed. This magnificent carpet can be used as comfortable lounge chair or cozy bed for one or two persons. That’s the good part you can choose want you want and can create something new and something that is useful for you.

 Alexander Munk created Sasan Magic Carpet so he can provoke customer’s creativity giving them something that seems like daily furniture but in the same time is multifunctional.

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