Tuesday, June 7, 2011

1132 Stool by Justin Ri​chards

This is the 1132 Stool by Justin Richards. What we most like in this design is the simplicity of the forms that are used and the complexity of their combination to achieve the finished product of 1132 Stool. Justin Richards completed his Bachelor of Architecture in 2002 at Tulane University School of Architecture and is now attending Master of Architecture at Cranbrook Academy of Art.  The designer love to work with wood and is capable of using all the needed tools and machineries to design form and cut the forms he need from wood.

The 1134 stool is composed only from wood parts. The designer used solid walnut wood to create this marvelous design. In the construction of the stool he used a total of 36 wooden cubs. Every cube is cut and then formed with curves to follow the overall pattern. The matrix of wood cubes is formed by 9 cubes at a row, with a total of four rows. Between each cube we have connecting pieces that also strengthen the construction. All the parts are glued together and form the 1132 Stool. The finished product is strong enough to hold a person sitting on top of it. This design is good looking and natural at the same time. This stool will be suitable for every home or bungalow in the forest.


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