Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Airbus Concept 2050

Welcome to the future, the year is 2050 and the Air Transport is presented by Airbus. This is the concept plane from Airbus and there perspective of aircrafts and air transport at the near future. One of the most eye-catching characteristic of the design of the new planes is their cabin. And not only what’s inside the cabin (we will talk about this later) but the material and the transparency of it. 

The material used for creating the cabin is eco friendly made from plants and in the same time super functional and filled with technologies. The Airbus 2050 plane cabin is made from bionic structure that is formed like a bird bones. It allows great panoramic view on all the top of the cabin and in the same this offers a great strength at the points needed. Every passenger will be able to select the air temperature and pureness for his position and also shade the roof to prevent sunlight or no for great view. Airbus is following their policy for future planes that need to be more and more eco friendly , the must use less fuel male less noise and be more efficient. But that's not all that is interesting, the interior design of the plane is also marvelous. Airbus abandoned seat classes and now uses zones in their airplanes. 

There will be several zones with different purpose. There will be conferment rooms, bar and even virtual golf course. Also there will be and “vitalizing zone” which will be all about relaxing and wellbeing. In this zone the passengers will be treated will aromatherapy, antioxidant with vitamin enriched air and moonlights. We hope this comes reality soon enough so we can see this piece of art in reality.


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