Wednesday, June 8, 2011

ArtScinece Museum at Singapore

One of the most expensive casinos in the World Marina Bay Sands located at Singapore will open very soon ArtScinece Museum at its premises. Marina Bay Sands invested more than $5.5 billion and it is not surprising that all the buildings are exceptional and the AtrScience Museum makes no exception. The designer created this marvelous building is Moshie Safadie. Inside the museum there are 21 gallery spaces and the total space available for expeditions is around 6000 square meters. The building is also known as “Welcoming Hand of Singapore”.

 The shape of the building is like a hand with spread fingers. The fingers are ten and every finger is presenting different gallery. The tips of the fingers are openings to the sky that create very specific effect inside the ArtScinece Museum. The base of the building is round and is position in the center of the fingers. One great idea of Moshie Safadie is the dish shaped roof. With its form the rainwater is collected and forms a little flow that is collected at the bottom of the building 30 meters down creating a waterfall dropping in a little pool. What's more the idea isn't only esthetical but also ecological every drop of this rainwater is collected at the end and is used in the building restrooms.  The gallery will held all types of expeditions like media and technology, art, design and science.


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