Saturday, June 4, 2011

Children's dream Balloon Bench

The balloon bench is dream for many children and even grown children. For some of them the dream comes true. Satoshi Itasaka created this marvelous Balloon bench that looks like floating in the air. The design of the bench is inspired in Satoshi Itasaka from a French movie “Le Balloon Rouge” released at 1953. In the movie the main character is followed by his best friend all over Paris, his friend is Red Balloon. 

The designer created the illusion that the Balloon bench isn't bounded to anything and is flying in the air freely. The truth is that the bench is suspended from the ceiling with four anchors that are disguise by the form of the balloons. The Balloons even can act and as a lights. 

But everyone is lucky because the designer of the Balloon Bench Satoshi Itasaka decided that he is willing to sell his creation and will be available to the people everywhere not only in some museum. However if doubt do you want to buy it you can see the design in SOMEWHERE Gallery in Tokyo Japan. Even if you can't have the Balloon Bench there is the hope that children dreams can become true.


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